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Notable Sites to Visit in Mexico Ever History Buff Must Visit.

Sites to Visit in Mexico City:

In terms of notable travel destinations, there is a certain charm that is associated with Mexico. This country has so much more to offer aside from its vintage allure. History buffs will surely get their fill of culture and unique attractions in one package as they make their way to this destination. It is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, and it is proven by ancient architecture that still stands today. Latin American art, food culture, and the local scene of this country has been a great factor in putting this place in the map of adventurers who want to explore new places.
So, let’s get to know some of these notable sites that will surely tickle the fancy of travelers, history buff or not. It’s time to reminisce on those history lessons that you’ve had and to see the real attractions in their most natural state. It will be one of the most memorable trips for you.


Mexico City Tour

Sites to Visit in Mexico City - Historic Center (Zocalo)

Taking day trips all over Mexico is good, but don’t forget to explore Mexico City itself. Aside from being the capital, this city is also home to an abundance of culture, art, and history, all combined in one. Bring your camera and walk through the main square, visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, and even the National Palace. The strong influence of the Spanish can be clearly seen in the architecture of the whole city, so visitors are often left in awe when they see how preserved the structures are. From churches, museums, parks, and even charming neighborhoods, Mexico City brings a refreshing take on one’s definition of a modern city.


Ruins of Tula and Tepotzotlan

Sites to Visit in Mexico City - Tula and Tepotzotlan

Once known as the capital of the Toltec empire, these ancient ruins are a must visit for those history buffs who might want to glimpse the culture of the people lived even before the Aztecs. Don’t miss out on the sight of the Temple of the Morning Star which is famous for the giant stone warriors who are seemingly standing guard in this attraction. You’ll also see the wall of serpents, which makes for a majestic site for first time and repeat visitors. After a trip to Tula, then it’s time to head to Tepotzotlan, a town which is famous in Mexico as one of the magic villages. The charm and overall feel of this place will bring you back to a time when civilizations flourished here. Baroque architecture can be seen here as well, and it will be interesting to learn about how this place has evolved into what it is now.


Puebla and Cholula

Sites to Visit in Mexico City - Puebla and Cholula

From one magical town to the next, you can spend another day trip to visit these places. Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico and it is here where you will get the chance to set sight on the majestic Rosary Chapel, one of the most famous cathedrals in the country which is famous for its gold interiors. Also found here is the Biblioteca Palafoxiana – considered as the first library of Mexico. It features books from way back to the 17th century. It’s a haven for history buffs who are on the hunt about facts. Puebla and Cholula go hand in hand in providing visitors the chance to glimpse a time when Baroque influence was at its peak. With the Spanish influence in its architecture and culture, these cities make for a great day trip from the city.


Teotihuacan Pyramids and Guadalupe Shrine

Sites to Visit in Mexico City - Teotihuacan and Guadalupe Shrine

Considered as one of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico, these pyramids are remnants of what was once known as the City of the Gods. Civilization bloomed and peaked here, as evidenced by the unique architecture that is still standing as of today. You can have the chance to climb the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon – the best way to get a bird’s eye view of whole area. This place is considered a top archaeological site because it dates back 100 BCE, and how the whole compound has seemingly stood the test of time has become one of the biggest mysteries for researchers.

One of the most famous Roman Catholic Churches in Mexico, this shrine has grown to become a symbol for Mexico. It is in the hill of Tepeyac, the place where it was said that the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego. Not only history buffs are frequent visitors of this place, but it is also a very famous pilgrimage sites for Catholics. Although it has undergone several renovations in the past decade, this church remains as majestic as it once was.


Xochimilco and Coyoacan

Sites to Visit in Mexico City - Xochimilco

Known as one of the quaint neighborhoods in Mexico, this place is best known for its lakes and canals that serve as a pathway through the other settlements in the Valley of Mexico. Tourists can ride the “trajineras”, the colorful gondolas that will take you to a tour of the whole canal system. If Italy has Venice, then Mexico has Xochimilco to brag about. In terms of beauty, it can be considered as one of the most outstanding attractions. It was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 1950 so you can be sure that you visit will be worth it.


Are you convinced about Mexico yet? Take your time to research and learn more before you travel to this place and it is sure to be a great experience. With Mexico’s ancient history, there is so much more to know about how it came to be the way it is now – a perfect mix of old and new civilizations. You trip to this country might just turn out to be one of the most memorable ones because you will have the chance to learn about so many things all at once. There is nothing more enriching than seeing the actual sites of those places which you have only seen in history books. And this is where the real adventure begins for all history buffs.


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